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Studio Red Wellness Tea Launch

Client - Studio Red Wellness

Studio Red Wellness and its first luxury product, Studio Red Tea, was introduced to New Zealand media and tastemakers through an intimate launch event. An intimate and exquisite launch event for
top-tier media and industry tastemakers was hosted in Studio Red’s Yoga studio. Host and founder, Vicky Cullinane, shared her brand manifesto and educated guests on the unique Studio Red Tea experience. A supporting tea booklet was created for guests to take home to learn more about the teas origins, pairings and taste profiles. Event collateral such as menus, personalised notes and table settings were also created.

Agency - Hustle & Bustle

Graphic Design - Stacey Purdon

Styling - Jess Mentis

Production - Rebecca Paul

Account Director/Manager - Freya Munroe-Goody, Caitlin Wiig

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