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Flight Centre Cruise Campaign

In taking the creative lead on the Flight Centre Cruise Cruisetober campaign I saw this as an opportunity to use the creative assets in a way that highlighted cruise for a number of the companys key target groups which in turn would increase customer enquiry and TTV in the new Cruise space. Being one of Flight Centre Groups newer brands it was also important that this campaign stood out against other campaigns to create brand awareness for Flight Centre Cruise.    
The way we targeted multiple helix personas in terms of the creative was by creating customizable logo and image vectors that aligned with Ocean, Adventure, Luxury and River Cruises. This was an important tool for customers to be able to identify the type of cruise they would like to go on and gave retail staff who specialise in certain cruise types the opportunity to share their expertise.

Team - Stacey Purdon, Bryan Scott, Sian Cribbens

Lead Designer - Stacey Purdon

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