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Mini Brands

Client - Zuru Toys​

Mini Brands while I have been working on it has been the No.1 Toys in USA. This craze collectable sensation has been a unique and exciting experience to be part of. 5 Surprise Mini Brands has made hundreds of iconic brands "mini" and taking the world by storm. A big contribution to Mini Brands success is its appearance on TikTok which has really driven the craze. 

I took great pride in leading the creative direction of Mini Brands from a campaign, social and art direction perspectives. I helped to build the brand into what it is today alongside an amazing team.


My highlight was leading the art direction of some amazing video and still content that then transformed our social presence and campaign assets. 

Business - Zuru Toys

Design & Art Direction - Stacey Purdon

Product Design - Zuru Toys

Video Production - Rad Lab 

Photography - Yuki Sato, Jess Bicknell

Social - Sydney Devlin
Marketing Manager - Saffron Dunlop

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